START aim for the prices to be very affordable and competitive so we don’t charge extra for weekend or evening driving lessons. START driving school have very flexible approach and take under consideration you needs when study or work or family commitments...
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    Invest in your future, improve your career prospects and give your love ones a perfect gift – FREEDOM. Learn with START – we teach you how to drive safely and confidently so you enjoy driving and ease of your life...
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    START driving school focus on the driving and enjoying process by being friendly, approachable and professional. Learn to drive may seem to be sometimes very daunting process so we suit our driving lessons personally as everybody’s learning approach is different...
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This is the fastest way to independence. Whatever is your driver level or past experience- if you have a time and are committed you could achieve your dream of driving independently in just a few days.

PROSPECT OF SEATING BEHING THE WHEEL DOES NOT HAVE TO BE A LONG TERM PROCESS.  It can take just days. Have your theory driving test out of the way to build the basic knowledge, than contact us. START driving school will help you to arrange the practical test, book assessment lesson and arrange a correctly suited intensive course for you, suited to your experience and personal needs. We understand a personal work or study commitments and are offering same set price for weekend and evenings to keep your costs down and speed up your learning process.  If you're in a real hurry to pass your test – for a job, during college holidays, or new to the UK – we can reduce an entire course to a few days or weeks of high-power, intensive tuition. Intensive driving lessons don't suit everyone. To make the most of it, you have to be committed. You have to know what you want, and be focused on achieving it. If that's you, our intensive driving courses could get you to test level in just 6 days. The intensive courses safe you time- as by taking regular daily lessons you wasting less time to warm up each time and go through refresher of your last lesson taken ie week ago. Intensive driving course will save you money as we will offer you a special discounted price when book in advance. START driving school offers four levels of intensive driving tuition: Some intensive driving students start from scratch; some already have experience; others just want an instant refresher or are in real hurry. So we've created four levels of intensive driving course. They take you where you want to be. And fast.
  • Fast Start Intensive Driving Course for Beginners This intensive driving course is recommended for those who are complete novices at driving and beginners who know the basics of driving but need more time and confidence behind the wheel. From non-driver to test standard in as few days as possible 36 hours spread over 12 days (3 hours a day)
  • Start Forward Intensive Driving Course for Intermediate Drivers is designed for people who are comfortable driving, but are just looking to sharpen up or improve on their manoeuvres and overall driving skills A faster route to test standard – if you already have experience 24 hours spread over 8 days (3 hours a day)
  • Extra Fast Intensive Driving Course for Experienced Drivers with full UK driving licence- is appropriate for the more experienced drivers who who have recently failed a driving test or for people who are nearing test standard. Intensive road experience – if you're new to the UK or out of practice 12 hours spread over 4 days (3 hours a day
  • Super Fast Intensive Super Fast Course for beginner in hurry. The courses will prepare you to learn all the diving skills and prepare you for the test in just 6 days. You have to be committed as it takies 6 hours a day to complete. From non-driver to test standard in as 6 days quickly and effectively- 36 hours spread over 6 days (6 hours a day)
Before you start intensive driving tuition, we need to assess your skills. That helps us make sure we're putting you on the right intensive course. Our hour-long assessment is thorough, but it costs you just £10. That's the time to talk through your course programme with your instructor. They can adapt the pace and length to suit your needs and your availability. They'll do their best to fit your course around your other commitments. We'll help you pack in as much learning as you can handle. If you want to move faster or slower, we can work around your needs and ambitions. If there are some days you can't make, we work that in too How to book: To get in the fast lane to skilful driving:
  • call START now on 077 90 90 90 40,
  • fill and submit the ‘Book the lesson Form’ or
  • e-mail us on: startdriving@mail.com.
We'll arrange an hour-long assessment session without obligation. If you find that intensive driving lessons are not for you, you don't have to continue HOWEVER WE HAVE MANY VERY PLEASED PUPILS UP TO DATE.


Being away from driving- abroad, having no access to cars or simply no need or luck of opportunity anyone will feel a little out of comfort zone. The refresher courses are designed especially for you- to get you quickly back behind the wheel and become again safer and more confident driver. A few lessons is all it takes to recover your sense of timing, your feel for the clutch, and your ability to judge speed and distance. A refresher course soon brings back all the road skills you used to take for granted. You will need some practise to plan and look ahead, sharpen your senses and speed up your response to any hazards you anticipate.

It's unlikely that you are still driving the car you passed your test in. Chances are, you've never had any tuition in your current car. And somewhere along the way, you'll have picked up a few bad habits.

We can eliminate those bad habits and show you how to get the best out of your car. A refresher course helps you reduce wear and tear as well as fuel consumption. It makes you a more efficient and safer driver.

Every driver will benefit from taking this lessons- as very few could pass another driving test if taken again.

Every course is suited especially to the pupil and will finish when you are happy and confident behind the wheel in different road and whether conditions. Driver who can take care of himself, his passengers and all around road users.

Put the past behind you. You can drive with the easygoing enthusiasm and get your confidence back you had when you originally passed your test. Call START driving now on 077 90 90 90 40 to find out how much friendlier and less intimidating the roads can be.


Would you like do drive more safely, be confident driving at all speed limits in all weather conditions? Would you like to save money and be awarded for your achievement than a PASS PLUS is for you.

You can get a discount from participating insurance companies with Pass Plus.

Just fill out the form to find out more about Pass Plus:

If you qualify, you will also receive a £70 cash back from Transport for London after completing the course.

No test is required for Pass Plus.

What is Pass Plus?

Pass plus is an optional course introduced by DSA and is considered the best way to give additional driving experience to a qualified learner by an ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) that has been Pass Plus registered.

The main aim of this course is to impart valuable knowledge to drivers who have recently passed the practical driving test, and who want to learn new skills and techniques, improve their anticipation and alertness and learn how to reduce accidents.

It has been statistically proven that entirely new drivers are more often considerably more prone to mishaps, predominantly within the first couple of years of driving.


Pass Plus comprises six modules, each covering a different aspect of driving. These modules are:
  • Town driving
  • All-weather driving
  • Driving out of town
  • Night driving
  • Driving on dual carriageways
  • Driving on motorways

The scheme takes a minimum of six hours to complete. The practical assessment is more lenient than that used in the standard driving test, and adherence to many rules that would otherwise constitute a major mistake in the main practical exam (such as allowing the car to slide against its gear, or parking at an angle) does not apply. It is only required that one is able to drive safely and legally.

There is no examination at the end of the Pass Plus course; rather, a certificate is awarded once the instructor is satisfied with the candidate's competence.

Each module must be completed to an achieved or exceeded standard, in order to pass:

Achieved: successfully reached the standard required for each of the competencies.

Exceeded: exceeded the required standard for each of the competencies.

If a module is completed in theory, "Achieved" is the highest standard possible, as the candidate does not have an opportunity to practically demonstrate their competence.

Participating insurers

A number of insurance companies offer cheaper car insurance to drivers who have completed the Pass Plus scheme. These include:
Anyone who holds a full UK licence is eligible to take part in the scheme. You will not have to take a test at the end of the course but you will be continually assessed. You must successfully complete all the modules in the course to an achieved or exceeded standard.

Pass Plus will help you to:
  • develop existing skills
  • learn new skills and techniques
  • improve anticipation and awareness
  • learn how to reduce the risk of accidents
  • maintain a courteous and considerate attitude on the road

START –DRIVING charge £120 for 6 hours training.(This is required by Pass Plus) If you would like more than 6 hours then it would be charged at £25/hr.

If you qualify you can get a discount of £70 cash back from TFL. (You need to be less than 25 years old and living in Greater London for the discount)

Therefore, after the course, TFL will give you £70 of the £120 course fee back- That’s over 50% discount-making the course cost just £50.

Call Transport for London on 0845 230 1725.

When you have successfully completed the course, you are advised to check available discounts offered by the insurance companies taking part in the scheme. The amount you save will depend on the company you choose, you may even save more than you paid for the course.

For more information about Pass Plus please visit the Pass Plus website by clicking on the link below.


Kent County Council offer Kent residents the opportunity to have Pass Plus driver training with a £60 sponsored discount. To qualify for the £60 discount sponsored by Kent County Council, you must:
  • be aged between 17-19
  • live in the Kent County Council catchment area (excluding Medway)
  • Use an approved driving instructor registered with us. To find out about our approved list of driving instructors see our current list of approved driving instructors (PDF, 23k)
  • Register with us before starting the Pass Plus course to receive your unique driver reference number. Your instructor will need this number before training. The number is only valid for 3 months
  • Understand that the cost of any additional training (more than 6 hours) must be paid for by you.


Applying is easy…

To apply to the scheme, simply fill in the online contact application form. For further enquiries contact us:-

By E-mail:startdriving@mail.com

By Phone: 077 90 90 90 40

-GRADE A DRIVING INSTRUCTOR                                                               
-SOUTH EAST LONDON AND KENT                                                            
-MANUAL AND AUTOMATIC 7 DAYS A WEEK                                 

* when recomeneded by instructor
*** 16-18 years old – Kent Council residents
**** when when new joiner book block of 10 lessons

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