Refresher Course

Being away from driving- abroad, having no access to cars or simply no need or luck of opportunity anyone will feel a little out of comfort zone. The refresher courses are designed especially for you- to get you quickly back behind the wheel and become again safer and more confident driver. A few lessons is all it takes to recover your sense of timing, your feel for the clutch, and your ability to judge speed and distance. A refresher course soon brings back all the road skills you used to take for granted. You will need some practise to plan and look ahead, sharpen your senses and speed up your response to any hazards you anticipate.

It’s unlikely that you are still driving the car you passed your test in. Chances are, you’ve never had any tuition in your current car. And somewhere along the way, you’ll have picked up a few bad habits.

We can eliminate those bad habits and show you how to get the best out of your car. A refresher course helps you reduce wear and tear as well as fuel consumption. It makes you a more efficient and safer driver.

Every driver will benefit from taking this lessons- as very few could pass another driving test if taken again.

Every course is suited especially to the pupil and will finish when you are happy and confident behind the wheel in different road and whether conditions. Driver who can take care of himself, his passengers and all around road users.

Put the past behind you. You can drive with the easygoing enthusiasm and get your confidence back you had when you originally passed your test. Call START driving now on 077 90 90 90 40 to find out how much friendlier and less intimidating the roads can be.